About Us

Two Brothers

Nookie is the creation of two brothers, Douggie & Marcus. We were going down quite different paths when our Mum had a brainwave and suggested we team up and work together. And so Nookie was born. 

Monkeying around on a summer holiday back in the day!

What Drives Us?

We are aiming to provide healthier, better quality products to a market that seemingly lacks innovation - The Confectionery Market.

If you haven’t noticed, the chocolate bars being sold today haven’t really changed for years, not at least since we were growing up (we are both in our 30’s now), yet over the last decades our culture has become far more aware of the importance of eating healthy, high quality food. Surely the nation deserves better than all the low quality, cheap confectionery products, full of unhealthy and nutritionally poor ingredients that we see widely available across the country, and all over the world? We think so.

Both of us are the kind of geeks you see in the shops inspecting the ingredients labels on the back of every product (something we think everyone should do!). Making the effort to eat healthy and nutritional foods and and cut out the junk, or as world renowned food activist Michael Pollan likes to term them - "food like products" - from our diets is an important decision for the quality of our lives, and with a little nutritional education, it’s very simple to do. With our products we aim to provide a quality option for those people who feel the same way.

Our Personalities

Douggie is very much an athlete at heart with a keen love for responsible business. Never happier than when he is skiing in the mountains he gained his passion for healthy eating and wellness whilst living in Colorado and during his time on the USA rugby team. Additionally his passions lie in building and growing meaningful businesses that make a difference to individuals and society as a whole.

Marcus on the other hand is often found dancing around in the kitchen, experimenting with new food creations and listening to the latest dance music. A lover of chocolate with a passion for nutrition and healthy living. When Marcus isn't in the kitchen he spends much of his time in India practicing yoga and doing voluntary work.